Polish Culture and Lifestyle

Polish culture is one of those cultures that continues to evolve while it actually incorporates some of the old traditions with modern life from nowadays. The wonderful culture of Poland developed due to the connections to other countries and also due to its geography. Furthermore, its thousand-year history also played a very important role. The Poland of Today continues in a very beautiful way the traditions and customs of this history with some origins in the Slavic culture. In case you didn’t know so far, more than 90% of Poland’s inhabitants are Roman Catholics, and around 70% of them attend church services regularly. When it comes to the culture of Poland and lifestyle, there are some important aspects that we want to mention in this article.


Folk Costumes

Polish folk costumes, called stroje ludowe, are very colorful and with a unique design. They are beautifully decorated and represent different regions of this country. These costumes are often seen during holidays, weddings, and festivals when plenty of dancers gather together in order to entertain audiences with some of the most amazing traditional performances. Regional costumes which are very different, come from some historic regions of the country such as Greater Poland, Warmia, Silesia, Masuria, Pomerania, and Kujawy.


Since most of Poland’s population is Roman Catholic, that actually means that lots of Polish holidays follow Catholic traditions. In case you decide to visit this country during holiday periods, you will have the chance to see the authentic Polish life which will definitely offer you an unforgettable cultural experience. All the holidays here, the national and religious ones alike, are marked by traditions, public celebrations, or days of relaxation. While some holidays in this amazing country provide special opportunities for travelers to learn about Polish culture, it is also very important to take into account the fact that visiting the country during these holidays may mean that public offices and many shops are closed. Therefore, you need to make sure you plan your trip accordingly in order to avoid unexpected cancellations and delays


Just like any other nationalities, Polish people love to go out. They eat out quite often, and during weekends, all the bars and clubs are quite busy. Locals absolutely love spending time with friends and chatting, so don’t be surprised if you will see any Polish person talking to you while you are in a bar, a coffee shop, or a club. They are extremely friendly and fun at the same time. In their free time, they also like going to the cinema, visiting museums, doing shopping, and spending time in nature. By the way, Poland has plenty of stunning natural places where you can just relax and admire the superb views. In case you want a bit of adventure then you can choose one of the many hiking trails to explore. All in all, the lifestyle in this country is vibrant and you will never get bored no matter if you choose to visit Poland or even move here to start a new life.


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